Thaman Shocks Producer
Thaman is one of the most sought after music directors in Telugu cinema. He is the frontline choice for almost every Telugu biggie these days.

But there’s an issue here. Thaman doesn’t have a stable and sustainable music studio in Hyderabad, despite him working on multiple Telugu projects simultaneously.

Thaman made Park Hyatt hotel at Banjara Hills as his Work Place cum residence. He operates from here. He has a Suite room fully equipped with equipment. There are a few other rooms as well, always booked on his name.

Thaman recently shocked a producer by sending him a bill of Rs 40 lakh just for the hotel. The producer was clearly shocked by the same.

Well, Thaman works on multiple projects simultaneously and in that case, how will the producers share the bill?

There is no such thing. Well this is Thaman’s call. He can send a whatosever bill to whomsoever producer. There is no way but to clear.

Of late, there have been complaints about Thaman’s delivery time as well. He has delivered just one song to an upcoming Dasara release. Now, the hotel bill thing.