Nani -Amazon Prime VideoAmazon Prime Video is indisputed market leader in acquiring Direct-To-OTT releases of Star film from Bollywood to Regional Cinema. Just like how the success rate is very less in theaters, OTT releases have been mostly eclipsed by big failures. But Amazon continues to pump money and acquire more films.

There are people who wonder how Amazon does that. Here is the answer with Tuck Jagadish. The movie has been a success for the OTT giant in terms of Number of Viewing Minutes. The Day One and Life-time highest viewing minutes of Telugu cinema records on Amazon were comfortably crossed, the makers say.

Amazon usually does not reveal the record officially but will reveal the numbers to the filmmakers. Earlier, Nani has claimed a similar record with V as well saying that the purpose of Amazon has been served irrespective of the talk of the film.

Amazon is in the process of capturing the Indian market. The idea is to be a market leader in the OTT space erasing the competition. So, it will continue to bid films for premium. Probably, the audience will tend to watch the films of stars like Nani irrespective of the talk once and that will serve the purpose for the OTT Platform.

Maybe that is why Amazon paid a higher price for Tuck Jagadish even after V. If a film becomes a success with good talk and reviews, it will be an additional jackpot for OTT.

It will be a big relief to the filmmakers if Amazon announces such records officially so they will come handy for post-release promotions.