The rumours of Vijay Deverakonda being in a relationship with Rashmika Mandanna have been doing rounds in the media for many years now. Still, they remain tight-lipped on speculations. Rashmika’s latest tweet is sparking speculation among fans, suggesting she might be indeed in a relationship with Vijay Deverakonda.

Recently, a fan page of Rashmika tweeted about the qualities one should have to become Rashmika’s husband.

“She is the National Crush of India. Her husband must be special. Her husband should be like VD. I mean Very Daring. Who can protect her. We call her a queen then her husband should also be like a king,” the tweet read. The term “VD” in the tweet hinted at Vijay Deverakonda.

Responding to the same, Rashmika replied, “That’s very true.” This reply of her is now making fans think that she is definitely in a relationship with Vijay. It has to be seen if either Vijay or Rashmika put an end to these speculations anytime soon.