Tillu Square

Though the market for comedy capers in Tollywood has been a substantial one, the market is capped at a limit. But this time around, Tillu Square is embarking on a huge run at the box office and is on course to set a new record in Tollywood.

As per the latest announcement from the makers of Tillu Square, the film grossed in the range of Rs 90 crores at the box office. This is a very positive number.

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It appears that Tillu Square could well be the first Rs 100 crore grosser at the box office. Previously, Jathi Ratnalu was the best-performing comedy film in Tollywood but it too couldn’t touch the 100 crore gross mark.

However, Tillu Square has now started off brightly and could well be Tollywood’s first true blue comedy caper to touch the 100 crore mark which would be a mighty feat in itself.

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The sequel advantage and the existing vacuum in Tollywood have both combined well for Tillu Square. Even at the USA box office, the film is going well as it has crossed the $2 million mark there.

But with Vijay Deverakonda’s Family Star heading for release on April 5, it has to be seen how Tillu Square will cope with the competition.

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