Time For Chay To Speak Up On Samantha!The ChaySam is back in the news again. On Koffee With Karan, Samantha implied she has hard feelings on Chaitanya. “If we’re put together in a room, you’ll have to hide sharp objects,” she said. She added that she went through a lot and doesn’t intend to fall in love again.

While Chay has been saying they separated with mutual agreement, Sam’s statements are telling a completely different story.

It is about time that Chaitanya speaks up and give closure to the whole development. He should drop an affirmative statement on Samantha for once and for all.

Chaitanya will soon start Laal Singh Chaddha promotions and as a part of the same, he will interact with the Hindi media, which is more sensible when asking personal questions. So, Chay can cleverly frame his answer and put an end to the ChaySam divorce saga and the noise surrounding it by possibly saying what went wrong in the marriage.

If Chay continues to skip the topic, there will be an implication that he’s the reason behind the failed marriage which can’t be good for his image.