Unofficial Ban on Ileana In The SouthGoan Beauty Ileana D’cruz once ruled the roost in Tollywood. With a physique to die-for and glam quotient, she was the hot cake in the South. She swiftly made a transition into Bollywood and she got herself immersed in Hindi movies.

The sudden change in the industry came as a surprise as out of blue, Ileana became a busy bee in Bollywood and deserted South. However, producer Katragadda Prasad has decoded the reason behind Ileana’s absence who said that she was banned for a reason.

“A Tamil producer lodged a complaint against Ileana stating that she was paid an advance but she neither gave her dates nor returned the money in connection with a film. The complaint is pending even now against her. The producer approached the South Indian Film Chamber with his issue,” said the producer.

The producer adds that the notice was sent to all the four industries and to make fair things to the producer, a unanimous decision was taken to not cast her in any movies until it is resolved. He says that there is nothing against the actress or any artiste but the decision was taken as it was an unfair loss for the producer.

The actress’ last Telugu film was Amar Akbar Anthony and she has a string of films in the pipeline which are all Hindi ones. Looks like Ileana is still paying the price for her one fatal mistake.