USA: KGF 2 Early Premiere EstimateKGF 2 is one of the highly anticipated films of the year and is due for release on the 14th of April. After the magical run of RRR in the USA, now all eyes are on KGF 2, which is touted to be the next event film.

There have been many figures floating in the trade circles about the premier gross of KGF 2 in the US. Here we bring you the exclusive early estimates of KGF 2 on its premier.

Considering all the factors, KGF 2 is expected to gross $600K+ easily on its premiere in the US. It can also touch $700K or more as the hype for the film is unreal which is increasing with every passing minute.

KGF Chapter 1 had grossed $800 K in its life run in US in 2018 and became the first Kannada movie to do so. So if KGF 2 does anywhere around $600-700K from premier day itself, it would be considered phenomenal.