Warangal Congress BRS

In the recent assembly elections, the BRS party, which had a strong presence in the region, lost several seats in both north and south Telangana. Despite having a significant influence in 90% of gram panchayats and boasting a membership of 65 lakhs, BRS faced setbacks.

The Congress party did well in the Warangal district, winning 10 out of 12 seats. They dominated in Warangal Urban, Warangal Rural, and Mahbubabad, while BRS managed to secure only two seats in the Jangaon district. In 2018, the reverse happened when TRS won 10 seats and Congress only two.

Congress, with a total of 64 seats, took control, and the combined Warangal region played a crucial role in their victory.

The western part of the region, with many young voters, played a key role in Congress’s success. Issues, like delayed job notifications and problems with a government exam, worked in favor of Congress.

Local problems, such as delays in distributing promised houses in Hanumakonda Ambedkar Nagar, became important talking points during the campaign, strengthening Congress’s position.

In Warangal East, Congress candidate Konda Surekha won, using past experiences and taking advantage of dissatisfaction with the current legislator.

The Congress also did well in Parakala, where Revuri Prakash Reddy, despite not being a local candidate, received support due to dissatisfaction with the current government.

In Palakurti, many young voters supported Congress for a change. In Dornakal, Congress benefited from sympathy and dissatisfaction with the current representative.

In Mulugu, Seethakka’s local efforts during the pandemic and loyalty to Congress helped her win. In Bhupalapally, Gandra Satyanarayana Rao’s victory was supported by workers turning towards Congress and dissatisfaction with the previous representative.