Watch The Other Side Of BalayyaWhat ever he does, it becomes the headline the next day and that is Balayya. Thanks to the attention that his violent videos get. Not on screen but off screen him slapping the fans and kicking them publicly out of anger have been viral on the internet and gave a sort of impression in people. Well, very few saw the other warmest side of the grumpy man.

Balakrishna is also known for his helping nature and a child like heart. This video tells it all. It was his birthday and the actor cum politician celebrated the day with the children Basavatarakam Indo Cancer Hospital and distributed gifts to the kids with a big smile on face.

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The way he spoke to the kids and his kind attitude there could melt hearts and the fans are the happiest now. They are making this video viral with thousand fold praises. One wrote, ” Balayya needs new fans because all haters became his fans now.” What do you think?

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