Why Should Fans Pay For RRR Team's Mistake?Team RRR has been suffering from ‘leakage’ issue for a while now. A fair few on-location snaps of Jr NTR and Ram Charan have leaked on the internet and the same went viral on social media.

Now, yet another a leaked snap of Jr NTR from RRR has surfaced on social media and it is being extensively shared by enthusiastic fans. In response, team RRR has been raising copyright claims and seeing to it that the accounts sharing these photos are suspended.

This move from RRR is drawing flak. The common opinion is that team RRR should have been attentive and avoided the leak in the first place, rather than suspending the social media accounts of enthusiastic fans.

A project of RRR might need a whole lot of safeguarding in a day and age where social media leaks are increasingly prevalent. But the team should be up for it. Else, these leaks will continue to haunt them.