Disha Patani Kalki trailer

Despite being extremely popular on social media, no one associates Disha Patani with acting talent. She is not a bad actress but people usually don’t think much of her as a performer, which is unfortunate.

Disha always is associated with hotness and glamor. Even in films, she has been given only dumb flowerpot heroine roles in films like Bharat, Radhe and Baaghi 2.

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Now she is cast opposite Prabhas in Kalki 2898 AD. The trailer of the film was released a few hours ago and the reaction on social media isn’t very positive about Disha Patani.

By seeing the trailer, people are already assuming that her role would be cringe. She won’t contribute much to the storyline except for some song-and-dances with Prabhas in picturesque locations. Many feel she is there in the film to only add glamor.

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However one should remember that Nag Ashwin isn’t a director who adds characters in the screenplay just for the sake of it. So before passing out the judgment, people should hold their horses.

Who knows, Disha can surprise the audience with a decent performance in Kalki 2898 AD. After all, in the hands of a skilled director, even the most underestimated actors have the potential to shine.

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