Will Not Recommend Anyone Doing Eight Packs: Naga ShauryaNaga Shaurya’s Lakshya is gearing up for release on December 10th. The movie is the first ever film on Archery in Indian Cinema and the actor will be sporting eight packs abs in the movie. The posters and the trailer are an indication of the hard work he put into it.
Naga Shaurya in an interaction with M9.news revealed the hard work. “The span of Telugu Cinema has increased now. Our reach has increased considerably. So we have to work a bit more. All the stars are doing it. Maintaining eight pack abs is difficult. I would not recommend anyone doing it,” he said.

“We do that to impress some crores of people. The abs will be only visible if we completely drain water out of our body. I skipped four days for shooting one block, three days for the photoshoot, and another two days for shooting another block. In total, I skipped water for nine days for this film,” he added.

“Eight packs abs is my addition to this character. We only eat brown rice and grilled chicken those days but should not drink a drop of water. For second day, we can not eat anything because the body will become dry. We even faint on sets. I did it just to impress the audience,” the actor revealed.