Not Competition, Akhanda Actually Helped LakshyaYoung Hero Naga Shaurya‘s Lakshya is releasing on December 10th. Ahead of the release, Producers Narayana Das Narang and Puskur Ram Mohan Rao have interacted with the media and sounded very confident about the movie’s success.

“We may have only seen 5-6 sports dramas. Furthermore, there is no film on Archery in the entire country. So this will be the film’s USP. Unlike Cricket or any other game, the Archery game will be completed in 10 minutes. It is important to sustain the emotion for such short duration,” Puskur Ram Mohan Rao said.

Lakshya will have no competition from new releases but it will have to face Akhanda which will be still strong in its second weekend. “Akhanda is a big big success. We are not worried about competition from Akhanda. In fact, Akhanda is a support for us. It has brought the audience to theaters. While we released Love Story, we are worried if the audience will come to theaters. Akhanda erased those doubts,” he said.

“We wanted to have someone tall and lanky like Naga Shaurya for this character. He came forward to become fit and developed eight-pack abs. He had to sustain it for a long time due to breaks due to Corona. He worked really hard and the output has come up very well. We are confident the movie will be a success,” he told.