Will Posani support Pawan's party?
Actor-writer Posani Krishna Murali, who was earlier associated with Chiranjeevi’s PRP, says that he won’t support any party in particular but will only show interest towards the party that will serve the public well. He says he’s happy for Pawan Kalyan to set up his own party, but has no plans to support it. He says he supported PRP because he personally likes Chiranjeevi and his ideologies, but he decided not to support any party after PRP merged with Congress.

He says there are already so many parties in the state and more parties are welcome to come but he will only choose the party that will serve the public better, one with a better leader and the value and worth of the leader and his ideologies. He said he will also take into consideration the good, bad, strength and weakness of the leader before choosing to support a party. It’s only based on all these factors will he vote but not in favour of a party because it is set up by some actor.

Posani was offered MLA ticket by PRP party few years back and he even contested from one of the constituencies.