Go To Anil Ravipudi's Films With Blank Minds!Legendary director K Raghavendra Rao is the Chief Guest of F3 Success meet in Hyderabad and presented the success shields to the team and the distributors.

The legend is in all praise of Dil Raju and Anil Ravipudi.

“I am always so proud of Dil Raju and Sirish. They make all kinds of films – different genres, different budgets, etc. They also introduce so many young directors to the industry. They are doing so much of service to the industry,” Raghavendra Rao said about Dil Raju.

He heaped praises on Anil Ravipudi. “Recently I wrote a book and in the last page, I wrote there is no rule to make a film in a similar format. Anil proved it. His heroes have blindness and stammering problems. His heroines value money. Likewise he takes improbable subjects. We should come to Anil’s film with blank mind and he will send us with pocket full of entertainment. He also had a subtle message along with entertainment,” Raghavendra Rao said.

Varun Tej, Anil Ravipudi, and Dil Raju shared their happiness about audience lapping the movie big time and the distributors getting into profits. They say nothing gives them more happiness than the movie running successfully even in the third weekend even in these special conditions.