Hanu Breaks The Second Half Syndrome!Hanu Raghavapudi is a talented filmmaker and showed promise in all the films he made so far but none of them worked. He always misses a trick in handling the second half.

The second half turned out to be his Achilles heel always. But it is not the case with Sita Ramam that released yesterday.

Sita Ramam second half turned out to be fantastic. After a slow take off, the movie takes the audience to a roller coaster ride with interesting twists and emotions. The climax in particular is very impressive and leaves the audience with a ‘complete’ feeling.

Hanu has got a good support team in the form of Swapna Cinema. Their assistance seems to have ensured good feedback for the director to make right decisions and hence an excellent second half.

Sita Ramam has grown well on its first day. The WOM helped the movie and it registered Fulls by evening shows. It is expected to register strong numbers over the weekend.