Kiran AbbavaramKiran Abbvaram’s Meter is releasing tomorrow across the globe. The young hero plays a cop in the film for the first time in his career. The Grand Pre-release event happened on Wednesday at Hotel Daspalla.

Kumar Kasaram, who hails from Venkatagiri in Nellore district, has been passionate about films since childhood. After completing his B.Tech degree, he worked in a software company and acted in short films. However, his love for films has never waned. He even quit his job to pursue a film career. Despite his short acting career, he impressed audiences in films like Majili, O Baby, Sir & Konda.

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The director of the film ‘Meter’, Ramesh, was impressed when he saw Kumar Kasaram’s short film on YouTube and got the role in the film Meter. At the preview pre-release function of Hero Kiran Abbavaram Meter, the audience’s admiration for Kiran Abbavaram doubled as they celebrated the talent and dedicated work of Kumar Kasaram in front of everyone and reminded them of their short film journey.

After the pre-release of ‘Meter’, Kumar Kasaran is getting offers for big films. He has already completed one film as a hero under a big banner. Recently, another film was signed under the upcoming banner.

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Kumar Kasaram’s journey is inspiring many aspiring actors. With his talent and diligent work, he has stepped on the silver screen and made a great name for himself in the Telugu film industry. Meter is a complete paisa vasool film and entertains the audience.