Swaroopananda's Security

There was a huge corruption in Andhra Pradesh during the rule of YS Jagan Mohan Reddy over the past few years. Not only leaders but their acquaintances also enjoyed luxurious life with the public’s money.

One such individual was Swaroopananda Swamy, who is a close aide of Jagan. He was provided with Y-Category security during YCP’s rule.

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However, after the alliance came into power, the government decided to remove Swaroopananda’s security. As there would be an investigation against Swaroopananda’s atrocities very soon, the officials removed his security in advance.

Swaroopananda got a picket with four gunmen and six members of staff at his Pendurthi Peetham. Additionally, an ASI was appointed to supervise the picket and charge and a protocol car was allocated as well.

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For all these facilities, the government spent around Rs. 18-24 lakhs every month. Even many leaders couldn’t enjoy as much luxury as Swaroopananda.

He didn’t have any death threats or any security concerns. Still, he was provided with such high-level security.

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Generally, many leaders take care of their personal and security staff. However, this seems to be not the case with Swaroopananda. It is heard that he would abuse and ill-treat his security staff.

Reportedly, whenever he used to visit Tirumala, Swaroopananda used to urge drivers to drive fast on the ghat road and ask them to reach Tirumala in 15-20 mins.

As per rules, any vehicles going on the ghat road should reach Tirumala after at least 45 minutes. However, none of those rules applied to Swaroopananda because his disciple was the Chief Minister back then.

All these atrocities are expected to end in the coming days and the government is expected to conduct a strict investigation on Swaroopananda’s atrocities.