5 Deadliest Train Accidents In India So FarIn a shocking and tragic incident, close to 300 deaths are being reported in the horrifying train accident involving Bengaluru-Howrah express, Chennai Coromandal express, and a goods train in Odisha.

At least 280 people are confirmed to be dead till now with the death toll on a rise since last night following the accident. It is reported that around 176 Andhra Pradesh people affected in the train accident. The actual number of Telugu casualties could be out soon.

This isn’t the first time a deadly train accident has happened in India. Here’s a look at the 5 most deadlier train accidents that happened in the past.

June 1981: 800 people were killed after 7 coaches of a crowded train fell into a river during a cyclone.

August 1995: Over 350 people died in this horrific accident which happened 200 kilometres from Delhi back in August 1995.

August 1999: At least 285 people are confirmed to have been killed after 2 trains carrying 2500 people collided in remote station of Gaisal, West Bengal.

October 2005: this accident happened in Velugonda, Andhra Pradesh where 77 people were reportedly killed in a train accident.

July 2011: Around 70 people were killed and 300 people were killed in this horrific train accident in Fatehpur back in 2011.