ABN RK positioned himself opposite the Late YSR back then and later to Jagan Mohan Reddy.

But then, when Sharmila differed from her brother and entered Telangana politics, it was RK who became close to Sharmila.

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Every important move about Sharmila and her party was revealed by Andhrajyothy.

People did not trust Radhakrishna when he said Sharmila was floating a party in Telangana. They doubted him when he wrote YS Vijayalakshmi would resign from YSR Congress.

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There were many other such News of Sharmila broken by Andhrajyothy.

Now, today’s Newspaper carried News that Sharmila will be AP Congress President soon and the announcement will take place in the first week of January.

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Congress and YSR Congress share the same DNA. It looks like the Congress high command believes Sharmila can bring and divide the votes of the YSR Congress and make it strong. They believe the renaissance of the Telangana Congress from nowhere to coming to power will motivate the traditional Andhra Congress voters.

Sharmila withdrew from Telangana elections and supported Congress at the last minute. Political Experts believe Andhra Pradesh is a fertile ground for Sharmila than Telangana. The Christian conversions will also help Sharmila they believe.