Hindutva Akhanda Hindi DubbingNandamuri Balakrishna is in the news for some reason or the other thanks to his new film Akhanda. The film is streaming live on Hotstar and there is a good response for it from the Hindi belt.

The BJP Bhakts, in particular, has been promoting this film from the Hindutva angle. So many tweets, messages, and memes are being made as to how Balayya is promoting Hindutva in his movies how temples are important and why they should be saved.

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All this has taken a political angle. Some say that such things are being done as the elections in UP are nearing soon. But the fact is that the Bhakths online and social media are making full use of Akhanda hindutva video clips asking to dub in Hindi version.

Akhanda is a film that showed Nandamuri Balakrishna as an agora in one of his roles. The preaching that is done through his character and the importance of Hindu culture looks rich in the film and now, this has given a new scope for many to use to their advantage. Some even say Ballaya should promote this further and even support BJP.

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If you ask Balayya, he will have a new angle altogether, and being a TDP Bhakt, he will surely play down this theory and ignore it like he always does. For others, this has become a new time pass and gave scope for some masala.

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