Amaravati Farmers Send Notices To AP GovtFarmers who gave lands for Amaravati sent notices to CRDA and AP RERA According to the land acquisition agreement, the farmers’ plots are to be developed within three years.

The notice states that the farmers have lost their livelihood due to non-development and the Government has to pay compensation of Rs 3 lakh per acre.

High Court Advocate Indranil issued notices to CRDA and AP RERA on behalf of the farmers. AP RERA was given legal notices as to why the CRDA did not take up the project.

The notice said the farmers would be paid Rs 50 per month for residential premises and Rs 75 per acre for commercial premises as compensation for this delay.

This development has come when the Andhra Pradesh High Court has directed the state government to give developed plots to the farmers with all amenities in the next three months.

It has to be seen how the cash-strapped Jagan Mohan Reddy Government will handle this issue.