Andhra Pradesh Assembly Discussing Most Trivial Issues Andhra Pradesh Assembly Budget Session is currently in progress and the Taxpayers’ money is being squandered for most non-trivial issues. The ruling party has objected to Atchannaidu sitting beside Chandrababu Naidu while it is a place allotted to Buchchiah Chowdary.

Chandrababu Naidu told the Speaker that Atchannaidu is the Deputy Leader of their party and they have changed the sitting with mutual consent. The Government did not agree for that and even the Chief Minister intervened and gave a long speech of how one should sit in the places allotted to themselves.

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Finally, the Speaker asked Atchannaidu to sit in his own place and promised to consider the request of the Place Change. TDP finally relented. Later, for a question asked by a TDP MLA, the concerned Minister spoke at length but only attacked the previous government.

As there are severe allegations on them, TDP leaders asked for Mike but the government again objected saying that only those who asked the question should speak. TDP severely objected to that and Speaker gave a ruling that it is according to his discretion that any member can be allowed to Speak if he feels it necessary.

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The House wasted close to 2 Hours on Trivial issues like this and it is evident that the Ruling Party is targeting Atchannaidu who is being very aggressive in the house. When in Opposition, YSR Congress always complained about not getting Mike but is facing the same allegations when it is in Power.