The Verdict of the Andhra Pradesh Elections has been sealed in the EVMs for more than a fortnight now.

This is the most fiercely contested election in the history of Andhra Pradesh even the Senior politicians say.

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Going by the language and body language, YSR Congress seems to be worried while TDP looks calm and composed.

The results will be out only on June 4th.

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The Ban on the Exit Polls will be lifted on June 1st at 6 PM and the Exit Polls will be out to give us an idea about the trend.

If we take the 2019 elections, Exit Polls were largely right in predicting the YSR Congress’ victory. But except for one or two, no agency could predict the actual wave of 151 seats.

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India Today – Axis My India was the most accurate which gave 130-135 seats and is closest to predicting the wave.

Republic-C Voter also predicted YSR Congress victory but only gave 120-130 seats which is again fair enough.

Times Now-CNX and News18-IPSOS also predicted YSR Congress’ Victory but grossly underestimated the wave.

Among the local survey agencies, TV5 and Lagadapati Surveys in 2019 predicted TDP Victory and completely bombed.

Atma Sakshi is hinting at YSR Congress but its track record in dubious.

AARA Mastan got it right in Andhra Pradesh in 2019 but he has the track record of getting the 2014 AP elections wrong. Recently, he also got GHMC Elections and Dubbaka by-election wrong while he got Telangana Assembly elections 2023 right.

C Voter dropped a hint about TDP winning while AARA Mastan is hinting at YSR Congress.

There are allegations on AARA Mastan after he came on TV9 and tried to influence the voters with Pro-YSRCP analysis even before the close of Polling.

So, Axis My India seems to be a safe bet Agency to look forward due to their unbiasedness and also track record.