YS Avinash ReddyAfter evading the CBI investigation multiple times in the last few weeks, YS Avinash Reddy finally appeared in front of the CBI officials today.

The CBI investigation started at 10:30 AM today and started questioning Avinash. The investigation went on for 7 long hours and several incidents that preceded the Viveka murder came to discussion.

The CBI primary focused on the telephonic conversations Avinash had on the night before Viveka’s murder case.

Avinash’s statement was recorded by the CBI as they dig deep into the incidents that happened before the murder.

Avinash was then set free as he left the CBI office in Hyderabad and went to his house. He was set free at around 5 PM.

As per the court order, Avinash will have to attend the CBI investigation every Saturday till 30 June without fail.