Chandrababu NaiduTelugu Desam Party chief Chandrababu Naidu is getting enormous support from all sections of the public following the arrest.

Now, Naidu’s good work is getting highlighted as IT professionals and principle heads from various other industries are validating his vision and desire to serve the public through government and private projects. Here’s a brief transcript of LinkedIn posts from several tech and infrastructure entrepreneurs.

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Kanwal Rekhi, an Indian-American business tycoon pointed out how Naidu envisioned the Hi-tech city while the area had a barren landscape. He said he was amazed by Naidu’s vision and ability to implement the same.

Vijay Sambamurthy, the then external legal advisor for GMR group for Hyderbad airport project revealed how Naidu truly believed in the project and said it would transform the city. Naidu even sped up the project by connecting the delegates with the retiring Chief Secretary and made sure the agreements were signed on time.

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Deepak Bhagat, a leading tech entrepreneur revealed that Naidu was instrumental in setting up a Java Core Competency unit in Hyderabad, which later went on to teach Java to all of India from Hyderabad. He pointed out that he was told by an US delegation that entering Naidu’s office is like entering a lion’s cage as they will be so much energy and excitement.

Another US-based entrepreneur, Sanjay Verma spoke about how Naidu had envisioned to develop Vizag on the scale of Singapore and had a beaming vision for the same.

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