Chiranjeevi Hurt YSRCP Ego

Megastar Chiranjeevi is the latest hot topic in Andhra Pradesh Political Space. Chiranjeevi has been politically inactive ever since the defeat of Congress in 2014 after the bifurcation.

He always remained neutral even though his brother Pawan Kalyan forayed into politics.

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In 2019, Janasena faced its first election and did not receive any support from Chiranjeevi.

After the 2019 elections, Jagan Mohan Reddy started Vendetta Politics in the film industry like no other Government in the past.

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The industry which is still grappling with the after-effects of COVID got impacted so much because of Jagan.

Chiranjeevi had to lead a contingent of stars to the CM’s camp office in Tadepalli for a truce.

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The celebrities were insulted when their cars were stopped at a distance from Jagan’s camp office and were made to walk. Later in the meeting, Chiranjeevi had to plead with folded hands while Jagan remained smiling.

Even then Chiranjeevi always tried to be in the good books of Jagan Mohan Reddy so that the industry is not hurt.

Chiranjeevi being close to Jagan and keeping Pawan Kalyan at a distance made the YSR Congress happy.

We have seen YSR Congress leaders speaking highly of Chiranjeevi while admonishing Pawan Kalyan.

For the cadre, Chiranjeevi was on their side. They even tried to claim credit for Chiranjeevi’s Padma Vibhushan saying that the State Government recommended his name. But the fact is the state government has no role in it.

But then, just before the elections, Chiranjeevi started surprising YSR Congress.

We have seen him donate five Crore Rupees to the Janasena Party.

The other day, he extended support for BJP candidate, CM Ramesh and Janasena candidate Panchakarla Ramesh who are contesting from the Anakapalli Lok Sabha segment and Pendurthi Assembly segment respectively.

In the video released in support of them, Chiranjeevi welcomed Pawan Kalyan, Chandrababu Naidu, and Narendra Modi coming together.

Obliquely he referred to vote for NDA by taking the names of Pawan Kalyan and Chandrababu Naidu.

This did not go well with the YSR Congress. Suddenly from taking credit to Chiranjeevi’s Padma Vibhushan, we can see YSR Congress Social Media cells cursing and abusing Chiranjeevi.

In fact, Jagan did no favor for Chiranjeevi. The Megastar only faced insults when he tried to mediate between the Government and the Industry.

YSR Congress respected Chiranjeevi not out of respect for him. It was only because he did not take Pawan Kalyan’s side and tried to appease Jagan (for the industry). But they feel the respect is some favor to Chiranjeevi.

Chiranjeevi had hurt the ego of YSR Congress more than even Pawan Kalyan. Whatever Pawan Kalyan does or says, is always expected. But what Chiranjeevi did was something really unexpected.

The fact is that Chiranjeevi is completely justified in supporting the NDA for all the humiliation he faced from Jagan.

Chiranjeevi is just exposing the YSR Congress’s Hypocrisy and their entitled mentality.