Blue Media prayed to all Gods to stop Revanth Reddy from coming to power in Telangana. They believed that Revanth Reddy is a disciple of Chandrababu Naidu and would help the latter in the Andhra Pradesh elections.

Even though Jagan or Blue Media does not have any affection for KCR initially, they have embraced him and his BRS party just with the logic – Enemy’s enemy is friend.

KCR helped the YSR Congress in the 2019 elections with cash and muscle. Immediately after the elections, we saw Jagan giving back AP’s Buildings in the Telangana Secretariat without any conditions. Jagan Government almost dropped demanding the share AP should get for the assets in Hyderabad.

But all that bonhomie is now being shifted to Revanth Reddy.

While YSR Congress leaders are maintaining a wait-and-see approach, they are tuning Blue Media to be in the good books of Revanth Reddy.

The other day, Revanth Reddy met KCR in the hospital and inquired him about his health condition.

Blue Media is buttering Revanth Reddy saying that his behavior is akin to Late Rajasekhara Reddy who did not let political rivalry interfere with human relations.

Revanth Reddy fans are suddenly startled by this behavioral change.

“Wearing the mask of being nice to the people, YSR Government has become the synonym of corruption. Just because YSR is no more, people try to be nice to him but the fact remains that all the cases on Jagan are due to corruption in YSR’s regime. Even though it is a Congress Government, Revanth Reddy will be extremely displeased to be remotely compared to YSR,” Revanth Reddy supporters said.