Complete Amaravati Works In Six Months: High CourtAndhra Pradesh High Court has given a ruling that Amaravati will continue to be the Capital of Andhra Pradesh. The High Court has given final judgment in the cases pertaining to the CRDA Repeal and the three capitals filed by the farmers.

“The plan pertaining to the Capital as per the CRDA act should be completed in six months. All development works should be completed in six months. Farmers who have given their lands for the capital should be given developed plots with all amenities in three months,” the Court ordered.

The Court also ordered the Government that it should give reports about the progress periodically. There is another important condition. The Court instructed the Government not to use the lands as collateral in banks except for the capital.

There are rumors that the Government is bringing the bills pertaining to the three capitals in a different form in this month or the next month. The Court ruling will come as a shock to the Government. On a different note, the cash-strapped government will find it almost impossible to finish the works in Six months.