The recent surge in the number of heart attack deaths all across India has caused great concern and distress amongst the general public. Many young individuals have been falling prey to the same.

In accordance, there has been a narrative amongst the public that the COVID-19 vaccination could be the reason behind the upsurge in heart attacks.

And now, we are hearing an interesting report in this regard as the Indian Council of Medical Research – ICMR has issued a clarification on the same.

In its latest journal, ICMR has mentioned that the COVID-19 vaccine isn’t the reason behind the surge in heart attacks. The report added that the Covid vaccine in turn prevents heart attack chances amongst the vaccinated. They have reported that taking even one dose of the vaccine can cut down the risk of heart attacks.

The ICMR analyzed the data and statistics from 1 October 2021 to 31 March 2023 They collected the data on deaths of 729 people aged between 18-45 and compiled the report on the same. The endpoint is that Covid vaccination isn’t the sole reason behind the deaths.