Desi Businessmen Rocking in Dallas!Well, if you are in the US, you must be aware that the Dallas-Fort Worth area is quite happening these days. And the current generation of Indians is flocking to the area to make their mark in their chosen country. While the D-FW area is in the headlines as a priority destination, the Indian community that has thrived there over the years and is a success story in itself.

Many first-generation Indian-Americans had made it their home and put in their energies to ensure their kids grew up being proud of their parents’ contribution to the El Dorado of many immigrant families.

Incidentally, in the D-FW area, a majority of CEOs and those in top managerial positions are from the Indian community. In fact, according to a new study by the Institute for Urban Policy Research at the University of Texas at Dallas, Indo-American business leaders are thriving in Dallas-Fort Worth.

The study was done in partnership with the Indian American CEO Council. It was found that 2,20,000 Indian Americans live in D-FW, accounting for 40 percent of all Asian Americans in the area. Incidentally, the salaries of highly placed Indian-Americans in the area are $59,000, while that of white workers are around $39,000.

In fact, NY-based fin-tech company, SmartAsset, did its research on the largest metro areas and ranked the Dallas-Fort Worth-Arlington area as the second-best place in the country for Asian-American entrepreneurs after San Francisco-Oakland-Berkeley, California.

The Indian American CEO Council was started in 2018 as a labor of love of some of its pioneering members, and it helps to facilitate alliances between India and the US, act as a catalyst for economic and trade opportunities and strengthen relationships.

The idea was also to bring together those who shared identity and heritage. The Council wants many more families to migrate to the place after listening to their success stories.