AP BRSDissatisfaction and doubts have arisen within the Andhra Pradesh unit of the BRS party. The party’s office in Guntur has become inactive, raising concerns about the party’s future. Notably, no BRS leaders from Telangana attended the opening of the BRS office in Andhra Pradesh. Furthermore, AP BRS leaders Ravela Kishorebabu and Pardha Saradhi also skipped the function. Thota Chandrashekar seemed to be operating on his own during the opening of the BRS office in Guntur.

The AP BRS party has only a few leaders, and it appears that they lack cohesion and unity among themselves. BRS President KCR, who initially displayed interest in Andhra Pradesh politics, now seems to be displaying indifference. Although KCR initially expressed support for workers in safeguarding the Vizag Steel Plant, later he maintained silence. In terms of membership, none of the leaders from other parties in Andhra Pradesh have shown any inclination to join the BRS.

KCR launched the BRS on December 9th, with a specific focus on Andhra Pradesh. Following this, Thota Chandrasekhar, Ravela Kishorebabu, and Pardha Saradhi joined the BRS on January 2nd. It was anticipated that their entry into the party would attract a significant number of members from the TDP, YSRCP, and Jana Sena parties, but no such interest has been observed. Even lower-level workers from other parties have not shown an inclination to join the BRS.

There have been rumors suggesting that BRS leaders from Telangana have been in contact with Kotamreddy Sridhar Reddy, who was suspended from the YSRCP. However, Kotamreddy did not show any interest in joining the BRS. Additionally, differences among the three major leaders of the BRS have negatively affected the party’s expansion in Andhra Pradesh.