Character Assassination Of Barrelakka

A young girl Sirisha famous as Barrelakka on YouTube is contesting as an Independent from Kollapur.

She has struck a chord with the youth and became viral, as she explained how she was rearing buffaloes for a living after completing her degree, because of a lack of job opportunities.

She is getting support from the Youth and educated people across the state and overwhelming support is coming her way. The other day, even JD Lakshminarayana campaigned for her in the constituency.

The major parties are worried about whose votes she will eat into causing a change in the result.

She is being threatened by the parties to stay out of the contest and a few days ago, even her brother was physically assaulted. After doing all this, the support for her is only increasing.

Now, there is a new method to assassinate her character.

Some News Channels brought up her estranged father and made him make allegations against her.

He alleges that he has earned so much for the family, gave her a good education, and married her to a nice man but she came back taking divorce. This video was telecast in Major TV and YouTube Channels trying to defame her.

NTV has used the following headline for that video – “సిగ్గులేకుండా మొగుడితో విడాకులు తీసుకుంది.. బర్రెలక్క బాగోతం బయటపెట్టిన కన్నతండ్రి”.

This is how the establishment assassinates the character of a girl just because she is standing up to the system. Sad that a section of the media is assisting their vile campaign.