Caste-Based Voter List

The Election Commission has taken a firm stand against false propaganda claiming that the voter list was prepared based on caste in the recently concluded AP elections.

In a statement shared on X/Twitter, they clarified, “It’s time to set the record straight! The following data circulating online is FALSE! After thorough fact-checking, it’s clear that the information being shared is completely fabricated. Don’t be fooled by misinformation! Let’s keep our feeds filled with truth and accuracy. Spread the word, not the lies!”

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Despite a high 81.86% voter turnout, clashes before and during the polls raised concerns about violence on counting day, June 4th.

Upset with the state’s handling on May 13th, the Election Commission called Andhra’s chief secretary and police chief to Delhi.

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After voting, violence flared in places like Palnadu and Tadipatri for three days. There’s a worry that rivalry between YSRCP and TDP could lead to more trouble after the results.

There are reports that the YSRCP cadre, feeling the pressure of potential defeat, may resort to violence out of frustration.

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Intelligence reports suggest extra police in over 20 areas prone to violence during and after counting.

Local officials urge against violence, setting up police spots in risky spots, and warning people about the law. They’re keeping an eye on troublemakers and past offenders.