Eenadu Survey

YSRCP supporters have been circulating a screenshot on social media and WhatsApp, purportedly from Eenadu newspaper, with a headline proclaiming “People’s mandate is with Jagan.”

However, Eenadu has clarified via official channels that these screenshots are fake, accusing YSRCP members of editing them to deceive the public.

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This spread of false information is alarming and entirely fabricated. YSRCP supporters are spreading this misinformation, falsely attributing it to reputable sources like Eenadu and ETV.

Even after the conclusion of polling, YSRCP leaders persist in spreading fake news.

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In another recent case, they circulated a fraudulent video claiming to be from ABN Andhra Jyoti, falsely portraying it as a survey on AP elections. ABN Andhra Jyoti has confirmed that no such survey was conducted and has filed a complaint with the cybercrime police.

It seems YSRCP-affiliated members want to create confusion and mislead the public about the election results. They have been prolific in creating and sharing fake news, including misleading videos.

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It looks like YCP people are losing confidence about winning elections and hence are resorting to such cheap tactics.