Chegondi Harirama Jogaiah

Hari Rama Jogayya who until now claims to be a wellwisher of Pawan Kalyan is slowly showing his true colours.

Jogayya has been writing letters cornering Pawan Kalyan in every aspect. However, his actions are doubtful because Jogayya has the history of backstabbing Chiranjeevi during the Praja Rajyam days and is said to be the reason for the Megastar’s defeat in Palakollu.

Jogayya is the prime reason for increasing unreasonable expectations in Janasainiks.

Now, he dashed another letter. He gave a deadline to Pawan Kalyan until tomorrow.

“There should be clarity on power-sharing to Pawan Kalyan and an equal number of cabinet berths to Janasena in tomorrow’s Tadepalligudem meeting. Or else, I will announce my future steps on the 29th,” Jogayya wrote.

It looks like Jogayya is trying to misguide Janasainiks once again and ensure the alliance fails to help the YSR Congress.

Jogaiah’s son Chegondi Surya Prakash is said to be a YSR Congress leader.

Janasainiks themselves are unhappy with Jogayya.

“Pawan Kalyan is very well aware of Jogayya and what he did to Praja Rajyam. But he is respecting him due to his age and the community. Jogayya should remember politics are different these days. If he wants to dictate terms for Pawan Kalyan, he should donate 20 Crore Rupees minimum to Janasena. He already did enough damage with his misguiding letters,” they are saying.

Meanwhile, the days of armchair Kula Peddalu dictating anything are gone long ago. Jogayya should retain respect by letting Pawan Kalyan make decisions.