Fighter-Jet-F16-WashingtonThe US Capitol Complex was briefly put on elevated Albert after an unresponsive aircraft flew in close vicinity of the region earlier today.

US fighter jets were called to action following the incident and they set off sonic booms that resounded that area as they followed the aforementioned unresponsive aircraft.

The unresponsive aircraft, a Cessna 560 business jet that was followed by the fighter jets later crashed mountain terrain near Montebello and no survivors were found at the site of wreckage.

The fighter jets flew directly over Washington and they were permitted to travel at supersonic speeds which then resulted in a loud sonic boom that was heard by the comments beneath.

The airspace near Washington has been a highly restricted zone since the September 11, 2011 terrorist attack on the pentagon and New York World Trade Center.

The president Joe Biden was briefed about the incident.

John Rumpel, the owner of Encore Motors of Melbourne, confirmed that his daughter and granddaughter were in the plane when it crashed, leaving no survivors.