Focus On Your State Development: Sharmila To JaganEarlier today, YSRC bigwig Sajjala RamaKrishna Reddy made a very interesting and attention grabbing comment. He said YSRCP will be mighty pleased if the two states are United again. He stated that AP and Telangana should back together and form a United state.

This comment expectedly drew a huge roar from the Telangana natives. Now, Jagan’s sister Sharmila has commented on the same and she came out firing.

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“We strongly condemn Sajjala’s comments. His comments are meaningless. Today Telangana is a reality. Telangana is a state built on the sacrifices of many people. It is impossible for two states to meet again. Some events happen only once in history. How do they even think of merging the two divided states?” Sharmila stated.

“You should not concentrate on merging the two states but instead on the development of your region. Fight for your rights; Do justice to your region. Moreover, it is not appropriate for you to speak in a tone that damages the self-respect of Telangana.” Sharmila added.

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Well, Sharmila has evidently faulted YCP’s comment. She even has a striking advise to her brother Jagan on the same.