Prashant Kishor YS JaganSocial Media has become an indomitable factor in influencing the elections. Since 2014, parties have started giving utmost importance to Social Media and Whatsapp to create Public Perception. BJP made the best use of both the platforms in 2014 elections and emerged victorious using Prashant Kishor’s iPAC.

YSR Congress had used the same strategy and the same team after 2014 defeat. TDP claims that they have successfully painted a different picture altogether in the social media using iPAC team. The Best example of this is Nandamuri Balakrishna from Hindupur, they say.

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YSR Congress peddled numerous stories about how Balakrishna is unavailable to the constituency and how there is huge resentment in the public there. “But the truth is different. Balayya cleared the longstanding problem of Drinking Water in Hindupur Town. Several 100s of Crores of Development Works are happening in the constituency. There is a new market yard as well. There are a huge number of government scheme beneficiaries. We are banking on the majority more than 2014,” a TDP functionary tells us.

“Same is the case with Mangalagiri as well. Unlike what is projected in the social media, it is going to be an easy win for Nara Lokesh. We have done our home work before announcing his candidature,” they added. So, TDP has its share of issues with Prashant Kishor’s Team but the big question is if iPAC can manage to influence the election.

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