Revanth Reddy

Revanth Reddy has led the Congress Party to Victory in Telangana for the first time after the state formation.

BRS Government since 2014 has done reasonable good work on the ground but did not stand a chance. People used to say there was no Congress in Telangana until recently but all of a sudden, now the party is in power.

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So, how did this happen? This is a combination of BRS’s self-destruction combined by Congress’s making perfect use of the opportunities.

The downfall of BRS started right immediately after the 2018 election when KCR did not have a cabinet for around three months. The action looked like an insult to the voters and reflected the arrogance of KCR. The electorate immediately responded by giving a shocking result in the Lok Sabha election.

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Even then, KCR did not learn a thing. Even as the public ire is evident, he continued his arrogance. The Chief Minister continued to stay in Pragathi Bhavan or the Farm House remaining completely inaccessible to the people.

There were shocks like Dubbaka and Huzurabad but the Chief Minister did not note.

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Rythu Bandhu and Dalit Bandhu schemes were supposed to be game-changers for BRS. Rythu Bandhu makes the Rich even more Richer. People were not digesting the fact that even those with 1000 Acres were also getting Government assistance.

Dalit Bandhu is the final nail in the coffin. Every Dalit Family was promised 10 Lakh Rupees Assistance. Due to the high amount, all of the Dalits can not be helped and that hurt the remaining Dalits. Also, the poor in the other castes were angry that there were no their own Bandhus. As a result, the scheme made very few happy and left many angry.

Even then, KCR did not feel a threat. The BJP appeared to be threatening but the fact that it has no presence in most parts of the state made KCR complacent. No one took Congress seriously until the Karnataka elections happened.

Karnataka results gave a huge boost to the Telangana Congress. Suddenly, there is a feeling in the people that Congress can win. At this time, Revanth Reddy grabbed the opportunity with both hands. We have seen him tour the state on one name or the other and reach out to the people.

Congress designed its campaign in such a way that the people who were neglected in the BRS regime were reached out. The students, the unemployed, and those preparing for the Groups resonated with Revanth Reddy.

In the name of Six Guarantees, Congress prepared a manifesto that was attractive to the people who were the beneficiaries of KCR’s Schemes.

The general anti-incumbency after 10 years, KCR being aloof to the public, KTR’s arrogance, Usual craving for Change, and Revanth Reddy’s campaign as a viable alternative helped change the environment in the state.

TRS rechristening itself to BRS to make KCR Desh Ki Neta also appear arrogant to the people. When you drop Telangana, the very reason for your existence, you ought to be in trouble and the trouble is here. 

KCR preparing the Manifesto only by increasing Congress’s promises made BRS look desperate. Retaining most of the Old MLAs hurt BRS’s chances further.
There are reports that the MLAs and the local leaders have become corrupt and unreachable to the people.

Revanth Reddy, on his part, did well to grab the opportunity that came his way.

Luckily for him, the Seniors in the party were not confident and were only interested in their own constituencies or their districts. This helped Revanth Reddy emerge as the leader of the entire state. Chandrababu Naidu’s arrest and the way the BRS Government handled the issue also helped the Congress party.

The Medigadda Barrage mishap set the narrative against the BRS. Ponguleti and Tummala decimated BRS in Khammam district.

And then, there is an excellent campaign by Sunil Kanugolu designed for Print, TV, YouTube, and Social Media. The material went viral and started building a narrative in favor of Congress. In the end, everything worked and the victory happened.

If Revanth Reddy is made the Chief Minister (most probably he will be), it is not something that happened easily. He braved BRS since 2015 (the Vote for Note episode) and endured all sorts of pain taking head on a very powerful government and is being rewarded.