Anagani Satya Prasad - YS JaganTDP MLAs were outraged over the statement made by Chief Minister Jagan Mohan Reddy in the Assembly regarding the Jangareddygudem incident where 19 people were killed due to spurious liquor.

Repalle MLA Satyaprasad said that people have understood that Jagan Reddy is a flower and not a fire (Jagan Fire Kadhu Flower – on the lines of Pushpa dialogue).

Anagani stormed on the ruling party for suspending him and four others for standing by the families who lost their dear ones due to Government inefficiency.

“The CM had made false statements in the house because YSR Congress is involved in the manufacture of spurious liquor. While the CM says there is no spurious liquor in Jangareddy Gudem RDO, SCB and the police have proved him wrong,” Anagani said.

The chief minister is to be blamed for the deaths of innocent people. “If these deaths are natural deaths, CM Jagan should explain the FIRs registered against spurious liquor,” the Repalle MLA questioned.

Meanwhile, the spurious liquor deaths reached nineteen after a person who is being treated in Guntur for the last four days passed away. The doctors announced that all his organs failed and did not respond to the treatment.