Janasena Alliance: Can Be Another Historical Mistake By Babu!Pawan Kalyan’s Options have triggered another Political Storm in Andhra Pradesh. Pawan Kalyan’s Ultimatum did not go well with TDP supporters.

They are hurt with this scenario of tail trying to wag the dog. There are series of tweets abusing, firing and rejecting the proposal of Jansenani.

Janasainiks who are rejecting this proposal on caste and film reasons are on a high with Pawan Kalyan’s response. They are trying to belittle TDP in meanest terms.

On the other hand, Political analysts feel that the alliance will happen and Pawan Kalyan is just trying to bargain hard with Chandrababu with these blackmail tactics.

But then, Pawan Kalyan is playing a dangerous game. Ever since the Hungama Pawan Kalyan did before 2019 elections, Janasainiks have turned averse to TDP and the Vote transfer would be difficult.

TDP supporters are more political-minded and would transfer their votes. But even that is going to become difficult with Pawan Kalyan’s this kind of attitude.

TDP made a similar mistake in 2009. Despite putting up a good show, TRS failed to do the same and it proved costly. TDP may find in a similar position in 2024 election as well.

But this time it can potentially turn out to be a historical mistake.

Even if the alliance happens and TDP+ wins, Pawan Kalyan’s unstable nature can always prove to be risky for TDP.

Two years is a very long time in Politics. TDP should better focus on coming to power all alone instead of banking on alliances. More importantly, it did not get much delayed to take such a decision.