Lok Satta Founder President Jaya Prakash Narayan is in Delhi to speak to Congress Top Brass regarding the Telangana Bill. He visited Andhra Bhavan and addressed a press conference there. While he is addressing media there, Telangana students and lawyers stormed there and manhandled JP. Few tried to drag him with his shirt. The entire area was tense and filled with ‘Jai Telangana’ slogans.

Police quickly responded and scattered the crowd and escorted JP to inside of Andhra Bhavan. Lok Satta has called for a dharna on Tank bund tonight protesting the attack on JP. They will be holding dharnas at Ambedkar statues state wide. Earlier, Union Minister Jairam Ramesh appreciated JP’s recommendations and amendments to the Telangana Bill. The Telangana issue reached crucial stage with important leaders and JACs of both the sides camped in Delhi. The bill is expected to be tabled in Lok Sabha on 13th of this month.