Buddha Venkanna

Recently, there was a debate on social media about the shirt color of Jr NTR after he wore a blue shirt to the polling station in the Telangana election. Though this is an irrelevant topic, the YCP batch tried to make it relevant by saying that NTR intentionally promoted YCP by wearing a blue shirt that symbolizes the YCP colors.

When this topic was brought up in front of Buddha Venkanna, he gave a fiery yet indirect response.

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“I don’t know about the blue shirt that NTR wore. I am not very active on social media so I don’t follow these things. But what I can indeed say is that no one can match Chandrababu’s charisma. Chandrababu garu is above all else and he reigns supreme. Anybody can be considered as a mere nothing in front of Naidu garu’s charisma” Buddha said.

While Buddha didn’t necessarily name Jr NTR in this statement, he sure did make this comment in this context as he seemed to implicate that even NTR is nothing before Chandrababu’s charisma.

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