KCR Still In Thinking Mode!Huzurabad by-election seems to be a big challenge for the TRS High command. We have seen the Government engineering defections and bringing new schemes like Dalit Bandhu to woo the voters to win the constituency at any cost and bury Etela Rajender‘s political career.

He has wooed Congress candidate Padi Kaushik Reddy into the party and everyone thought he is going to be the TRS candidate for Huzurabad. But taking everyone by surprise, the cabinet has recommended Kaushik Reddy as MLC in Governor Quota and sent for the Governor’s approval.

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It is a mere formality from here. This development will mean that KCR is still in the thinking mode regarding the candidate for the by-election. If Etela fails to win Huzurabad, his hard-earned political career will be more or less finished.

Having won from the constituency four times on a trot, Etela is very confident. Etela has spearheaded Telangana agitation along with KCR. He is well aware of the TRS’s organizational strength in various districts and so, he is confident of making a dent in TRS.

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