The chief minister of Telangana, KCR was delivered a rude shock in the recent election as BRS ended up losing power with Congres gaining pace and forming the government.

Now, KCR is having to vacate his house after 20 years. For those wondering, this is not his house in Hyderabad or in Telangana, but it is in Delhi.

When KCR first won as an MP from Karimnagar in 2004 and was later included in Manmohan Singh’s cabinet as labor welfare minister, he was allocated a house in Tughlaq Road 23, Delhi. He was given a type 8 quarters there.

In 2006, KCR resigned the MP post and contested again. He won the by-election ad then continued the house in Delhi again. He did the same after winning from Mahabubnagar parliament constituency in 2009.

Then, KCR won as the CM in 2014 and CMs are given quarters in Delhi. KCR again opted to continue in the house on Tughlaq Road in Delhi. Even his daughter Kavitha stayed in this same house after she won as an MP. She marked this as her official residence in Delhi.

With KCR winning again as CM in 2018, he again opted to continue in the same house, making it a near 20-year tenure there.

But this year, KCR has lost the CM post and is subsequently having to return from the house. His office has intimated parliamentary affairs committee that the house will be vacated by KCR in 2-3 days. He is having to end his 20 years association with the house.