Telangana Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao addressed a Public meeting in Mathira today. Speaking to the public, KCR dropped his own prediction about the Assembly election results.

“There are a dozen CM candidates already in Congress but they will never come to power. Mark my words, Congress will get twenty seats like the last time. It can go even below that. BRS will form the government with two more seats than the last time,” KCR said.

“Today with my Madhira visit, this is my 70th Public meeting. I will cover thirty constituencies more. Congress numbers are decreasing with each of my public meetings. By the time, I complete a hundred, they will be reduced to zero,” KCR added.

BRS got 88 seats in the 2018 election. Two more means KCR is expecting 90 seats. It is definitely not an easy task with two terms of anti-incumbency. We must wait until December 3rd to see if KCR is confident or overconfident.

The body language of the BRS leaders including the top brass – KCR and KTR is slightly nervous. This is something not seen in the last two elections. On December 3rd, we will see if that is needless tension or if there is something in it.