List: These Cities Becoming Crime Addas in U.S.The U.S. has been a country with varied pockets of people belonging to different financial strata, and this has had a direct impact on the crime rate across the country. In fact, some cities have had a history of battling violent crime for the past three decades, and this includes cities like Chicago, Philadelphia, Baltimore, and even New York City.

There was a time when crimes made headlines in these cities. But now, there are other cities that are reporting an increasing number of crimes among residents. Thankfully, for now, the crime hasn’t spread into the tourist areas, but it nevertheless is a matter of concern for the police of several federal states.

Cities with the highest murders per capita in 2022 include New Orleans, Baltimore, Birmingham, St Louis, Milwaukee, Cleveland, Rochester, and others. And New Orleans had the highest murder rates so far. Asher’s list has come up with the number of murders in various cities. However, it has to be noted that these numbers reflect figures for H1.

Birmingham is another city that seems to reflect this growing crime rate across the country. Then, of course, there is Louisiana which is considered to be one of the most dangerous cities in the world. Attracting and retaining police officers, demonetization of police officers, and lenient bonds that let hardcore criminals off based on their good behavior are accumulating the problem.

Drugs, firearms, robberies, larcenies, thefts, homicides, and murders have all become a part of certain financial strata. The police departments, on the other hand, have constantly been working with a strong workforce and also have many working behind the scenes to keep the cities safe. Some federal states have a bureau of crimes against property, bureau of crimes against persons, commercial vehicle unit, highway safety unit, metro air support unit, tactical operations, and K9unit in place to combat crime.