As the election season is here, there is a lot of emphasis on the survey results pertaining to the Andhra and Telangana polls. In this context, a local survey agency named RISE has reported a new finding based on their survey in AP, and here is what is to be understood from the same.

In the survey, the RISE Agency mentioned that the Telugu Desam Party, JanaSena, and BJP alliance would win 108-120 seats in AP while YSR Congress will be restricted to 41-54 seats.

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For those asking about the credibility of this survey, the same agency had earlier rolled out their report on the Telangana election and this turned out to be extremely accurate. They predicted 64-70 seats for Congress and severe anti-incumbency for BRS which was exactly the case. They earlier predicted the Karnataka results alse very accurately.

On the back of the successful projections on Telangana and Karnataka elections, he agency has now projected the AP polls to be in favor of the alliance, which many political analysts say is in tune with the current trend in the state as well.

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The Uttharandhra region being clearly in favor of the alliance is touted to be one of the reasons behind the comprehensive win for TDP+ alliance while anti-incumebcny is another factor.