Kids Survived Amazonian rainforest For those who don’t already know, the Amazon rainforest is one of the most hostile places on earth. Miraculously enough, 4 kids, with the elderly one aged just 13, have survived 40 days in these harsh conditions.

Going into the story, a plane carrying 4 indigenous kids crashed at the Amazonian jungle 40 days ago.

The rescue team concluded that the kinds would’ve been consumed by apex predators that roam the jungle and dropped the rescue operations.

But the 4 kids, in the most miraculous manner, managed to survive for 40 days before they were found by a rescue team earlier today. What’s more staggering is that the youngest of the 4 kids is just 11 months old.

The kids were identified to be severely malnourished and covered with insect bites. They are currently getting treated.

The rescue team opines that the indigenous kids could’ve used their ancestral lineage oriented survival skills to make it through the 40 day period in what is one of the most inhospitable places on earth.